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“Right Product, Real Saver, All Winners”.

About Us

Flexall was established in 2013 to better serve the markets in the Northern Hemisphere with quality products and service. We offer corrugated stainless steel related products such as metal bellows, flexible sprinkler hoses, expansion joints, gas connectors, water connectors, water hammer arresters, as well as other products. Flexall is a patented brand and operation in the U.S. of the parent company, Young Jin Flex, which is located in South Korea. For over 20 years, Young Jin has been producing quality products for industries worldwide. With vigourous quality control, attention to minute detail, and continuous drive for innovation, we ensure products to the highest of quality.

Flexall is all about flexibility and we are here to serve your needs. Our main focus is to provide quality products and service to assist with your success.

Flexall is the true manufacturer of its products and we are eager for the opportunity to serve you.

Right product, Real Saver, All Winners.


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